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U.S. Tightens Visa-Waiver Program

I understand the process of tracking migration and visitation while finding a balance for security of citizens is complex and not easy however I do think these new restrictions are unfortunate. Most often what happens next is these countries will enforce similar new restrictions and the result is limited travel in the world. Surely these travel restrictions and… Read More ›

Video – My Lamborghini Fun in Paris

This was safer than it looks, I only opened up in the tunnels. The idea was to try and shake the tunnels with 600HP. Needless to say it was a great day in Paris!

Speaking Tour of Central America

Thank you to everyone who supported my recent 2013 speaking tour in Central America. I was able to visit three countries, tour an American Embassy and witnessed a volcano eruption. The SharePoint community is loud and large in the region and I am already looking forward to next years events. Speaking in Costa Rica Visiting… Read More ›

Sharing the Point and MT Kilimanjaro

Earlier this summer I started training in preparation to climb MT Kilimanjaro with a the Sharing the Point group. As the climb date of September gets near I have been nervous about the climb and wondering if I could really make the summit. A friend shared this link with me today and completely changed my… Read More ›

The Cloud is Working for Me

Being an international traveler it seemed to make sense to move my data and business to the cloud to provide improved flexibility and mobility. Since I work primarily with Microsoft Technologies I decided to test drive what the company has to offer. I have been most excited about Office 365, OneNote and SkyDrive. I dedicated… Read More ›